Happy Independent Thinking Day


(Delight) The mixtape above is for your listening pleasure as you read this post-  It’s 4th of July and a very proud day for many reasons.  It’s also (tech) Leadership Day 2008 for many educational bloggers out there.  
We are getting closer and closer to big changes in how our students are provided with thinking and learning opportunities.  We have made amazing progress toward recognizing 21st Century Skills that we think will be needed for future jobs that don’t even exist today.  We do know that creative thinking, communicating, and collaborating are among the key components of success.  We need the continued support and leadership to make the shift needed for new curriculum, assessment techniques, and supplies needed for our 21st Century learners.  If you think about it like a car with 5 gears, I would say we have only shifted into 2nd gear at this time, still let’s recognize that we are moving  in the right direction! 
I recently bumped into a former student and her parents at our local Relay for Life celebration.  She had just completed her first year of college.  Her parents asked if I was “still teaching”.  (I get this question quite often and I just don’t know why.)  They asked it as if I have been doing the same old thing in our computer lab since their daughter left our elementary school.  I was so proud let them know that YES I was still teaching, but told them about the school blog, podcasting, video conferencing with others near and far, google apps, voicethread, and other web 2.0 tools we are using.  (Discovery)They were shocked and amazed at my response and to be honest so was I.  Until I put it all together, I realized that however small my steps are, I am making a difference with our students.  With the help of school leaders, we can perhaps get into more powerful gears even sooner!
(Discovery) I remember making “mix tapes” for special occasions growing up in the 80s.  I recently stumbled upon www.mixwit.com that can do the same thing in a wonderful web2.0 way.  Here is a mix tape for school leaders to deal with the change needed to help our students succeed in our creative, connected, digital world-
(Disaster) I tried to embed the code for my mix tape and it didn’t work, so i posted this link instead.  I will work on this later and try again.  That’s technology sometimes!)
*Update July 6th – Yeah, i got it to work!  I just embedded the code at the top instead of here at the end.

3 thoughts on “Happy Independent Thinking Day

  1. I am so glad you started your blog! I think you will realy like it.
    Many people believe that teaching is a temporary job on the way to better things. It is difficult for them to understand that for many teachers it is a lifetime decision- a career. You are making a difference in every life you touch and that is you explained to the family what you were doing with the students in your school today. Keep up the great work!

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